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Mr. Anderson

An emotional, narrative video that asks questions about how our trauma impacts us and what we carry around as a result. RDO wrote, directed, and filmed this musical short starring Jesse Valencia. This video garnered awards from the Show Low Film Festival, the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles, and the Switzerland Int'l Film Festival.


This video, filmed entirely at the Blue Ridge High School auditorium in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ, is a solemn, narrative mix of imagery and action. Starring ballet dancer Juliette Jeanne, this was RDO's first run at directing and filming an original work to accompany the song Margaret.

Traffic Lights

For this video, RDO teamed up with film professor Mark Ford to bring his concept to fruition. He opted to star in the video alongside Leah Horvath and directed the shoot in Show Low, AZ.

Paper Horses (Hey, Adeline)

This video and concept were directed by RDO and filmed by Tina Robinson. For the shoot, the whole band trekked out to the Petrified Forest National Park, one of RDO's favorite places to get lost.

For Her Wedding Day

For this project, RDO took hours of footage from several camping trips taken over the course of a year in Arizona and Utah, as well as footage from his home garden and yard. The final video is a montage dedicated to his wife, who accompanies him on most adventures.


This video, filmed and directed by RDO, was a goofy, adventurous shoot featuring the members of indie music and art project 52 Nights. Filmed in the woods of Lakeside, AZ, it was a freestyle, off-the-cuff good time that culminates in a "Lost Boys" style pirate caper.

The Floor of This House

Shot in an old abandoned hunting cabin, this video is a haunting look at the shadows and hidden corners of an old house. It's an acknowledgement of the many histories that get permanently embedded in old houses and linger for future generations. Winner of "Best Music Video" at the White Mountain Film Festival


The footage for this video was essentially a test reel shot in Oregon on HD tape as a way of testing out a new camera RDO had purchased. He liked a lot of the imagery, so decided to make a collage-style backdrop for this song.


RDO shot this documentary while on tour in Germany. It's a mixture of live performance and sightseeing, with some narrative explanations. He put it together for his friends and fans after returning from the month-long tour.

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