Ryan David Orr

"Intimate vocals, hypnotic song structures, lush instrumentation and some modern production make his music stand out from other songwriters"

-Tucson Weekly

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Recognize YouRyan David Orr
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Paper Horses (Hey, Adeline)Ryan David Orr
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For Her Wedding DayRyan David Orr
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Ryan David Orr at Hawthorne Hideaway, Portland, Oregon

In the words of the Monterey County Weekly, "Orr's weathered voice is a cross between Peter Gabriel and Eddie Vedder". Blending his many musical influences, from folk to hip-hop, jazz to rock 'n' roll, classical to alt-country, Orr's style of song crafting is at once original and authentic, unique in the modern musical landscape.


The son of a folk singer-songwriter and a painter/photographer, Orr was inspired from a young age to perform and create. He released his debut album, Bagdaddio, in 2003 and has since released 7 more solo albums, including his latest , Kaden Hollow.  In addition to music, Ryan has a degree in Film and Media Studies from Arizona State University, and actively engages in the art of film and photography. Many of the music videos that have been released for his songs were written, directed, and/or filmed by Orr.