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LifeInLyrics - From the Diary of Eva Hammond in Summer When the Trees Were Screaming

This is the opening song from the Kaden Hollow album. The words are spoken/written from the point of view of an elderly woman in a hospital bed. It is essentially an a cappella song: only vocals and body (claps, stomps, etc.) instruments. People have asked what the ambient sounds are that are layered in at the beginning and end. They are sound recordings in nature that I captured on various hikes and then layered over the vocal performances. Some are wind, some are rain. My favorite is the sound of a haunting old gate that whines when you swing it slowly. This is a song about reaching the end of a life and realizing true beauty in the world; something that often, sadly, people don't realize until it's over.

Won't you lay my body down when my poor eyes have seen their last.

Between the hill and hollow I will never more be found.

And my tears are with the river flowing to the mighty sea.

Oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord...

Won't you tell the people then, every heart upon this land

Was made of dust and diamonds and the will of love's sweet hand.

And the voices of all people echo all across this land.

Oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord...

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