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LifeInLyrics - For Her Wedding Day

This song is a series of moments that stand out to me from my time (so far) in my marriage. I am a pretty sentimental person and most things are meaningful to me in some way. Much of the imagery is very personal and specific, but the sentiment behind the words of the chorus are much more universal, and reflect the subtle realization that hits us sometimes when we see the beauty in those we love, and the importance that holds for us. To me, the format of this song is similar to how my ADHA brain works: a scattered montage of snipits, highlighted with periodic moments of calm realization. Enjoy...

You woke up terrified, a screaming beast inside.

You don't know how to survive the neighbors.

You watch your hummingbirds fight without their words.

In this house it's heard, we do no favors

And you are so lovely on the inside.

You are so lovely on the outside.

Like a patchwork quilt; like that barn they built;

Like they look on with fingers uncrossing.

Like we bow and pray where that old dog lay.

Like you held me so close when I lost it.

You are so lovely on the inside.

You are so lovely on the outside.

I woke up breathing fast once that dream had passed.

We lay still while the soft light comes streaming.

You turn away and smile; you say it's just my style

'Cause I'm so hopelessly lost when I'm dreaming

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