Dramatic Arts - One of my great passions is acting and stage performance. I studied acting in college and have been in numerous stage productions, musicals, and have even performed opera in Italian. I have acted in music videos and love any production wherein the human condition is being expressed and examined.

Film/Videography - Another favorite medium of mine is film. I hold a degree from Arizona State University concentrated in film and media studies and have written, directed, filmed, and edited official videos and live footage videos for my musical projects. I compiled a documentary film of my 2018 Germany tour and hope to do more docs in the future as well as develop several screenplays of mine into shorts and full-length feature films.

Production - In addition to engineering and producing my solo material, I have engineered and produced projects for my band and for other artists as well. Rather than open myself up for larger scale business as a recording studio, I prefer to work with artists whose material and talent appeal to me and who have qualities I appreciate and respect artistically. To hear more projects I have produced, check out my label site: www.maidendruther.com

Musical Side Projects - I am the songwriter and frontman for the indie-rock band, The Brighter Still, which is my outlet for creating more aggressive rock music. I have had a number of bands over the years that served essentially the same artistic purpose for me. I also collaborate with a number of artists on my albums and theirs. For an example of a collab, listen to the song "Sleepy Bougainvillea" from the kopascetic album. Another "band" of mine is called Chipmunk Connector, which is more of an electro-pop project that I work on from time to time.

Writing - Words are wonderful and I love working with them. In addition to songwriting, a craft I was first witness to as a child when my mother was a songwriter, I write poetry, fiction, and screenplays. Some of my spoken word pieces have been featured on my albums. Kaden Hollow, my 8th studio album, is accompanied by a novel entitled The Kaden Hollow Survivor's Collective.

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Acoustic Indie Folk Rock Singer-songwriter Arizona Southwestern United States