Kaden Hollow

Kaden Hollow, Ryan David Orr's 8th solo album, is a collection of stories about people in a small, rural, Tennessee town. Inspired by years of Orr's youth living in the rural south, it draws upon the musical styles, instrumentation, and poetic lyricism found in the genres of Alternative Country and Americana, musical artistic styles that played a major role in Orr's development as a songwriter.

This is how the album will flow as a vinyl record. Side A is the first 5 songs, side B is the second 5 songs.

Kaden Hollow (side A) - Ryan David Orr
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Kaden Hollow (side B) - Ryan David Orr
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Track List

1. From the Diary of Eva Hammond in Summer When the Trees Were Screaming

2. Safe In My Heart

3. Rainmaker

4. Nothing More Than Love

5. Beyond the Pale

6. Paper Horses (Hey, Adeline)

7. The Floor of this House

8. Yours For Good

9. Silly Katy

10. From the Diary of Eva Hammond in Fall When the Trees Were On Fire

Written, engineered, and produced by Ryan David Orr at Maiden Druther Studios

Artwork by Magda Gluszek

Ryan David Orr - vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards/piano


Additional musicians:

Theresa Dick - violin (tracks 4 & 10)

Ray Tischer - viola (track 7)

Bruno Franceschini - hand claps (track 1)

Lindsey Christine - backing vocals (track 5)

Myles Erdmann - drums (track 6)

Lyman Lipke - upright bass (tracks 6 & 10)

Cameron Agan - guitar (tracks 5 & 6)

This is the basic digital version of the album, track by track.

Ryan David Orr/All Rights Reserved

Acoustic Indie Folk Rock Singer-songwriter Arizona Southwestern United States