This is the first chapter of a novel that accompanies an album of original music I recently finished. The album is called Kaden Hollow and the book is titled The Kaden Hollow Survivor's Collective. For a while when I was a teenager, I lived in rural Tennessee, and both works are influenced by that time.  Open Document


As an Arizona State University student, I studied Film/Media Studies as an undergraduate, then moved on to a Master of Arts in English Studies. This is an example of how all of my studies have come together creatively. Below is a music video for a song I wrote called "Traffic Lights". I wrote the words and music, as well as co-wrote and directed the video. It is a culmination of some of the varying forms of writing and artistry I am most inspired to create. Enjoy. Open Lyrics


This piece is a poem I wrote to record as a spoken-word track on one of my albums. I was approached by an English teacher in Canada during the first year of my graduate studies who asked if she could use it to supplement her course instruction of Fahrenheit 451, due to its somewhat draconian and apocalyptic feel. It is largely inspired by the application of poetry and spoken-word to social issues, and I was honored to have it used in a classroom setting. Open Poem


Finally, this is the outline for a writing project I created in a Methods and Issues Teaching Composition course. The concept of teaching multi-genre projects really appealed to me as someone who finds inspiration in creating and absorbing varying genres of writing. The goal with this project is to allow students the freedom to explore the diverse ways we communicate, while keeping them focused on clarifying their message and considering their audience in their methods of delivery and transmission. Open Outline