My approach to music and art has been greatly informed by my upbringing. My mother was a folk singer and songwriter, and my father was a photographer, painter, and visual artist, and though they were not together for the bulk of my childhood, their respective environments shaped and influenced me.

  I began playing violin at age seven, which formed the foundation of my musical understanding. I studied theory and was very drawn to classical music and the stage, performing in regional choirs and even opera. Over the years my influences branched out into rock, hip-hop, country, jazz, and electronica. As a teenager, I became very interested in guitar and "rock band" instruments, learning to play whatever I could get my hands on and beginning to write songs. I began performing original music at age sixteen and have done so ever since as a solo artist and with various bands. I am a great lover of the performing arts and have studied acting and film, and have been cast in a number of plays and musicals.

  Now, over 1,000 shows and a number of full-length albums later, I continue to perform my music for audiences of all ages and walks of life, on many of the stages my heroes played on, and to create and produce original works in written, sonic, and visual form. It is my belief that music and the arts have the power to heal through the conversations they incite, the emotions they surface, and the perspectives they offer. Thank you for your interest in the short version of my story. If you would like to be part of the long version, signup for my email newsletter. Many blessings.    -RDO

What People Are Saying

"Ryan David Orr is a lyricist of the highest order."


indie Music Blog

"The connectedness and deep rootedness in the lyrics are fascinating and satisfying"

-Ear To The Ground

Indie music blog

"Great, distinctive voice...worthy of top marks"

-Stuart Epps

producer (Oasis, Led Zeppelin, Elton John)

"Orr's weathered voice is a cross between Peter Gabriel and Eddie Vedder."

-Mac McDonald

Monterey County Weekly

"The music is timeless, while Orr’s penchant for finding the right word will have listeners swooning"

-James McQuiston

Neufutur Magazine

"Ryan David Orr has a warm, beautiful voice with which he intimates feelings of sorrow or joy...similar to that of Chris Martin (Coldplay), Damien Rice, or Ryan Adams."

-Rootstime Magazine, Belgium

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Acoustic Indie Folk Rock Singer-songwriter Arizona Southwestern United States